Core Technology

  ■ Core Technology:
  •Wire CNC bending technology
  •Precision rolling forming technology
  •Large-scale covering part stamping technology
  •Resistance projection welding technology
  •Resistance spot welding technology
  •Argon arc welding technology
  •Stud welding technology
  •Sheet metal electro-coating technology
  •Stamping die design and manufacturing technology
  •Three-dimensional technology with mathematical model measurement
  ■ Technologies in line with international standards: 
  •Automatic riveting technology of nut and steel plate connection
  •High-speed progressive stamping forming technology
  •Metal cutting technology of precision parts
  •Design technology of light weight and material optimization of key assemblies of vehicles
  •Finished automobile and parts test technology
  •Virtual assembly analysis technology
  •Sheet stamping forming analysis technology
  •Structure dynamic and static strength analysis technology
  •Design technology of products related to vehicle safety and automotive electronics
  •R&D and production-manufacturing technology of engine advanced gas sensor and temperature sensor
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