Laizhou Xin Ya Tong Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  The predecessor of the group company was founded in April, 2002, registered as Laizhou Ya Tong Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.. After nearly ten years’ exploitation, the company has developed from a manufacturing enterprise into a group enterprise with lots of enterprise plates. Currently, the group company has formed the “5+8+14” production and operation pattern of 5 production bases, 8 enterprise plates and 14 subsidiaries, and its business scope has covered auto parts manufacturing, die manufacturing, export metal product manufacturing, mine truck manufacturing, loader manufacturing, R&D and industrialization of new high-tech products, standard component manufacturing, as well as modern logistics packing apparatus manufacturing.
  Since its establishment, the group company has adhered to the path of revitalizing the enterprise through science and technology and dedicated to technical innovation, with a good growth momentum, and its income has increased in successive years.
  According to its “market-oriented, quality-based, finance-centered, and benefit-targeted” operation thought, the group company has formulated the management principle of “centralized decision-making, unified planning, decentralized management, effective control”, with effective management and control, and formed its characteristic management method of “management plus improvement”, “learning plus innovation”, “people-oriented” and “whole staff participation”.
  The group company has persisted in the enterprise philosophy that “unity is strength, and knowledge is wealth”, and has seriously put its quality policy of “quick response, teamwork, continuous improvement, customer service” into practice. Based on the requirement for building a learning organization, it organizes enterprise operation in line with the thought of lean production, and in combination with its own characteristics, it actively promotes lean production method, producing high-quality products, cultivating excellent talents, and creating the best benefits.
  With the spirit of “making concerted efforts and dealing with concrete issues, carrying forward the combatant and enterprising spirit, daring to be the first, and striving for the best”, the group company’s whole staff will spare no effort to forge ahead and create a more brilliant future!
Laizhou Ya Tong Metal Products Group Co., Ltd.  Address: Yuhai Street (close to Dongyuan Road), Laizhou Development Zone, Shandong.  
P.C.:261400  Tel:0535-2715736  Fax:0535-2176239
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