The welding workshop of Yantai Ya Tong covers an area of 5760 m2, and there are 65 employees. There are over 50 spot and projection welding devices, involving such technologies as projection welding, stud welding, arc welding, spot welding, gluing and assembling. The workshop completes the production of more than one hundred products, 4 auto types for SGM-DY base.
The total investment of Yantai Ya Tong welding workshop is above 40 million Yuan. It was planned and constructed based on the requirement of high starting point and high standard. The D2UB and 318, new projects put into operation in 2014 will greatly support the welding production of Yantai Ya Tong.


Laizhou Ya Tong Metal Products Group Co., Ltd.  Address: Yuhai Street (close to Dongyuan Road), Laizhou Development Zone, Shandong.  
P.C.:261400  Tel:0535-2715736  Fax:0535-2176239
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