It mainly engages in large-scale auto stamping parts, rolling parts and robot welding system modules. The main products cover auto body, frame assembly and related stamping and welding parts, rolling parts and bumper, involving such manufacturing techniques as stamping, rolling, welding, coating and assembling of sedan, heavy truck and light truck. The key customers include SGM, SAIC Motor, GM North America, CNHTC, Mercedes-Zenz and Zibo Auto. The company has Grade I supplier qualifications for providing supporting parts to such key customers. In 2010, it was rated as “China Top 100 Enterprises of Auto Parts”. The dominant enterprises in this plate include Laizhou Xin Ya Tong Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Yantai Ya Tong Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Yantai Luxin Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Jinan Luxin Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Jinan Luxin Metal Product Co., Ltd., Ya Tong Auto Parts (Changshu) Co., Ltd., Beijing Shenchi Technology Development Co., Ltd., as well as Shanghai Luxin Metal Product Co., Ltd.

Laizhou Ya Tong Metal Products Group Co., Ltd.  Address: Yuhai Street (close to Dongyuan Road), Laizhou Development Zone, Shandong.  
P.C.:261400  Tel:0535-2715736  Fax:0535-2176239
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